Tuesday, March 31, 2015

JsFiddle with console

How to see console output in JsFiddle ?

Now, all you do is add dummy content to browser. Stop that, Use console log and see them in JsFiddle

" My running JsFiddle with console. :: SPiara JsFiddle "

To all my dear Developers,

Now, when  we start coding we do most test cases in Chrome or Firefox debugger.
Its easy to just check some function output. etc..

However its a bit of pain to writ functions there without indentation and sometimes with errors the console screen gets filled. then you clear console. and then you shuffle through previous code you have written with arrow keys and if you close window or after some days you want to try same thing. you write it again.

All in all it is a pain area. and we all know it. our next best friend is JsFiddle.
Which lets you write save share and have all the necessary libraries available.

But there is one Big Problem.

That is we want to see console logs, Errors and output in developer bar or in the output area.
 But unfortunately that output area is just for HTML browser output.

So, let's fix this. all you need  is " Firebug-lite-debug.js

Here's how i did it.

JsFiddle With Firebug Debugger

3 Steps to see console with JsFiddle.

  1. Login to your JsFiddle account.
  2. In the Left Bar, click on External Resources.
  3. in that text bar enter this url :: firebug-lite-debug
and thats it, click save and Wallah. you will have your own Developer console with the output bar in your JsFiddle.

Another Simple Solution could be to just add this Function in you Java Script.

console.log = function(text){ var elm = document.createElement("div"); elm.style.color = "green"; document.body.appendChild(elm); elm.innerHTML = text; }; console.log("fun"); console.log("fun");

Friday, December 12, 2014

Whats App On PC


Follow This tutorial

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Absolutely Free Hosting in 3 Easy steps

Hi All.

This is the best way to host your content or website for free with 100% uptime and Ultimate Speed.


1. Create a new gmail account or use ur existing one.

2. go to google drive and create a folder in this upload all your content.

3. Mark that folder public.

Now simply when you go to drive.google.com look in the url you will have similar to mine bolded a unique key for your account copy it.

go to this url and change my key with your key

Default Index.html

Go to Specific Page

Your website will always show up on this url. send this url to any one.

or you can also shorten the url. go to this website called tinyurl.com

enter your url and it will generate a short url. that you can give to anyone. for example mine is here


By: Tarandeep Singh

The Best Way to use Whatsapp

Here is the list of Links and My Suggestions on how to fully utilize WhatsAPP.

Suggestion :- As i have moved to another country, Now i need to change all my contacts with my home country code.


When you add any contact number of someone in your mobile phone always prefix your country Code
For example for US it is :: +1 for India is +91 for Australia is +61.

Now after this when you move to any country on your whats app you will still be able to chat with your friends on whats app.

Q. What is Whatsapp... ??
A.  Its an Application that allows you to::
      1. Chat for free Just like Messaging
      2. Send pictures and audios 
   to someone whom you know AND he also uses this Application.

Q. How do you use it ??
A. You need. 
          1. Smartphone, Android, Iphone, Blackberry or Windows phone
          2. You need Internet on the phone.
          3. You need to download application Whatsapp from the app store.
      Now after installing.

                Enter your phone number, and start using it.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Amazing Web Links

Check these Beautiful Links :: Worth Watching

Amazing Art

Nike Vision Impressive

You R Live Music

Amazing 21st Century Beetle

Note: I Don't Get Paid to post these Links on My Blog. They are here Cuz I Like Them n they are Worth Watching, Amazing work of Developers (Around the world)..

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